Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Familiarizing yourself with a couple of commonly used words or phrases in the local language will help you while shopping or talking to the local people. When you are in Chennai, Please learn to use few Tamil words like Vanakkam equivalent to Namaste, Yeppadi Irukkinga equivalent to how are you will help. Young generation will be comfortable to understand and guide you in English. The word Thank you is understood by all.

Restaurants will be happy to customize your food according to your desired level of spice taste.

"Home Away From Home"

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Traveling in and around Chennai is easy with ample choice of mode of transport. For budget travellers, bargaining is well received upto 25% of the tariffs. This is a generalized statement.

Chennites are generally conservative but very helpful when it comes to guiding others.

Except for December wearing of cottons is advised.

Try to avoid carrying passport in person. Always carry photo copies and small changes.

Chennai police is known for courtesy, helping tendencies. When in doubt, feel free to get their services.


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